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The issue of food religions.


TDD or the Divinity Diet?

Is TDD vegan?

Is TDD the same as raw veganism?

In TDD Ideal, why wait until the plant is mature?

Healthy sugar? Sugar isn’t healthy, it will kill you!

Why do I have to eat this stuff, and who are you to dictate what I eat?

What’s with the rainbows and the circle with the fruit, leaf, and nut symbol?


Food allergies.

No seasonings?

What about bottled water?

What is the logic of this being the perfect diet?

What’s wrong with meat, dairy, and eggs?

Why say nuts and seeds, why not just say one or the other?

Do you eat the Divinity Diet, Carlton?

Why so super-strict?

Why show respect to the food? Why is love important?

Why did you make the Divinity Diet?


Not everyone online’s first language is English, and the shell-words can be counterintuitively confusing. This is an important thing to be clear on so I’ll clarify it here:

Unshelled means not shelled yet. Unshelled nuts are in their shell, and won’t give you constipation if eaten shortly after being shelled, if they aren’t old.

Shelled means the shell has been removed. Naturally you’d think it means with the shell, as if the nut’s kernel has been given a shell—hence, “being shelled,” but no, it means the opposite.

Deshelled means the same as shelled, but it’s not a common word so I don’t use it.


TDD or the Divinity Diet?

Doesn’t matter. I sometimes write TDD because it’s easier to read when written frequently, and doesn’t take away from the “officialness” of the site. Writing is poetry, and because this site is about a specially named diet I’ll write it out most of the time.


Is the Divinity Diet vegan?

Yes and no. TDD lite permits honey, which is not vegan, but TDD lite isn’t “the real” DD. Also, veganism is a lifestyle, wherein the person attempts to abstain from supporting the industrial exploitation of animals, primarily by not eating them and their products directly. Certain fruits or vegetables may not be vegan, based upon economic ties to some animal harming industry—you’ll have to do your own research.


Is the Divinity Diet the same as raw veganism?

Ignoring TDD lite, which permits honey, TDD is and is not raw veganism, because TDD involves a specific way to eat.

A raw vegan could eat TDD or not eat TDD. However, someone doing TDD is for that time eating as a raw vegan.

Fundamentally, TDD isn’t an -ism—it’s a tool anyone can use.


In TDD Ideal, why wait until the plant is mature? Sounds like we’re doing a little more to plants than “harvesting produce.” Exactly what kind of “relationship” are we talkin’ ‘bout here? What’s next, I gotta take the spinach out to a dinner and movie?

No, but you must netflix and chill with the broccoli, spinach is more low maintenance.

Just joking, lol.

Ideally, you’d treat the plant as a conscious, living being; thus, waiting until the plant is mature allows it to be comfortable enough to give of itself without issue. This is a leaf issue, because when the plant bears fruit it’s obviously appropriate to harvest them. Leaves function as a source of photosynthesis, so young defoliation can inconvenience the plant with disease, death, and make it take longer to grow into maturity by having to spend energy regrowing instead of just growing.


Healthy sugar? Sugar isn’t healthy, it will kill you! Everybody knows how bad sugar is!

The body runs on sugar—people thinking they avoid sugar all eat it in other ways, such as through dairy or grains, or even beer and wine. Bars are sugar stations, lol. Even tobacco products have sugar in them—yes, there is literally sugar in cigarettes. Most food has some amount of sugar in it; even nuts have sugar in them. The mythology around sugar always being bad is that certain sugars feed pathogens more vigorously than others, and can’t be processed well in the body, and this quality has been incorrectly attributed to all sugars in all forms.


Why do I have to eat this stuff? Who the heck are you to dictate what I eat?!

You don’t have to eat anything recommended, just how you don’t even have to read these words before you now.

You’re confusing self-sought-out suggestions with not-sought-out demands—one posture is preachy, judgmental, and attempting to take responsibility for others, and the other posture is about minding one’s own business, being non-judgmental, offering new ideas to those that specifically ask for them, and everyone being responsible for their own choices.


What’s with the rainbow design throughout the site; is that for show? And what about the circle linking the fruit, nut, and leaf together on the icon?

No, its not just for show. I associate the diet with the rainbow spectrum for a reason. And the circle linking the three items means something as well. If you follow my work you know I like to go really, really, really deep. I did so with this diet as well. Rather than getting long winded idly, I’ve explained it in a book for those passionate. (I had to save some surprises. :) ) And here’s a fun hint: there’s a reason some nuts look like aspects of the central nervous system, and the head reason happens to be associated with higher frequency colors in spiritual philosophies, such as the chakra system.



Ideally, there would be probiotics attached to the clean yet unscrubbed food, so you wouldn’t need a supplement. Also, I am under the impression the body can create imitations of certain nutrients and vitamins purported by some as essential to human health, and that you don’t need a constant stream of the entire vitamin alphabet. In my experience, a spectrum of foods with their unique HDEMF is more important than supplements.

But Earth’s topsoil is being removed of nutrients, which is a serious-yet-not-popular issue worldwide, so the plants may not be as potent as they could be.

As such, methylcobalalmin and adenosylcobalamin supplements, which are usually together a one product, is useful. I have an extremely sensitive nervous system (not always), and I can feel a noticeable positive difference having experimented with it in the past.


I’m allergic to insert food here.

Whatever you’re allergic to, don’t eat.

I will say this though, it’s my understanding that most allergies are just pathogens in your body getting energized by certain foods you seem to be allergic to. The unique pathogen combination in your body makes you more susceptible to unique pathogenic damage, and then doctors will unknowingly blame on the food. This is common for lactose intolerance. Their body can consume dairy, but the pathogens in their body cause chaos that’s then blamed on the body, as if the pathogens don’t exist. Certain allergies, like peanut or chocolate allergies are more complex, because peanuts and cacao are actually a bit toxic. Detox-depath can help, but just play it safe and avoid what you know to avoid.


No seasonings? C’monnnnn.

Seasoning deliciously makes the world go ‘round, but they are not part of the original or ideal Divinity Diet. Seasonings condition your taste buds to enjoy a certain level of overt excitation, and numb you to the natural flavors of raw fruits and vegetables. Example: When you’re used to eating with tons of salt, food with no added salt will taste bland, like water. When you’re used to eating without extra salt, when food has added salt in it, it will taste dramatically salty. Perform the experiment: Go 2 weeks without eating food with any added salt, then eat something with a bit of added salt and see the drastic difference yourself.

Plus, seasonings dehydrate you a bit—especially salt.

There are other reasons why seasonings aren’t in the original or ideal Divinity Diet.


Is bottled water part of the Divinity Diet?

Yes and no. Using water for a smoothie or raw soup is fine. Using it to wash down shelled nuts is fine. Ideally, you could use the raw juice of a plant, like cucumber juice or coconut water. Water isn’t really “a part” of the diet because most water available for consumption, whether bottled or through faucet, is toxic. Regular water in a plastic bottle has plastic particles in it that are toxic, no matter how filtered it is. If you leave a filled plastic water bottle in direct sun or heat for a day or two you will be able to clearly taste the bitterness of the plastic now embedded in the water. In TDD, the plants themselves serve as filters for all the “bottled” water you could possibly need. If you feel to have bottled water, go with spring water without any added electrolytes or any added ingredients.

Fresh, organic plant juices are a perfect alternative; for example, cucumber has a mild flavor and tons of water, so juicing it would make a good substitute to bottled watter. Fresh, organic coconut water is great too.


What is the logic behind this being the perfect diet?

It’s based upon the harmony of the human mind, body, and soul with its environment. I didn’t “make it up” like an arbitrary fad diet. I noticed the human form is built a certain way, and only certain foods are perfect for how it’s built. There are so many reasons for why it’s perfect, I made a book.


What’s wrong with meat, dairy, and eggs?

There’s tons of information about what’s wrong with those foods. And there’s information about what’s right with those foods as well (they have some benefits—it’s still food, it’s not rat poison).

But the real issue is this: This website isn’t specifically about knocking down other diets, it’s about uplifting this diet. Let’s focus on the positive, rather than the negative.


Why say nuts and seeds, why not just say one or the other?

Fun fact: Nuts are actually fruits. There are similarities and differences with the words nuts and seeds, that you can look up, if you’re feeling nutty.

“And I hope that you are having the time of your life
But think twice, thats my only advice
Come on now, who do you
Who do you, who do you, who do you think you are?
Ha, ha, ha, bless your soul
You really think youre in control?
[Chorus 2]
Well, I think youre crazy
I think youre crazy
I think youre crazy
Just like me”


Do you eat the Divinity Diet, Carlton?

Only for detox-depath, or interstitially in warm weather. TDD is very strict, and I love eating cooked food from time to time, especially in cold weather. This will change in the future, but applies for now, November 2019.

With all that said, if I didn’t eat TDD I wouldn’t be able to speak much about it. The information I have to share about the diet is based on experience.


Why so super-strict? No roots or honey, no stalks or sprouts? No mushrooms? “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

This page is long enough.


Why show respect to the food? Why is love important?

You don’t have to have respect or love, but it’s ideal.

Just how if you were to make a fantastic meal, if the experience of genuine love and appreciation is involved, it makes the overall experience grander than without.

This can be said for many things. To “do something” is one thing, but to do something with love and passion is truly a magnitude greater experience.

There’s a lot more to it than that, involving brain states and equivalent states for the plant that pertain to health, but I speak on that elsewhere. Deep Dive Glimpse: The mental reflects the physical, and plants have hormones that function interdimensionally, so ingesting a happy plant isn’t ingesting the same exact chemical constitution as a miserable plant. (And there’s even more to it than that! (Y’all know how I rock!))


Why did you make the Divinity Diet?

I made it because I know it can help people, and I know there are knowledge-seekers deeply passionate about understanding who and what we are as human beings, and want to be brought to as much natural logic as possible. I made it because there are people who want to know what the human diet is, based on demonstrable truths, rather than tradition, and popular dart-throwing scientific data online (you can find articles for almost anything being “healthy”).

Some people have a visceral knowing that humans aren’t made to eat bird menstruations, and the breast milk of a pregnant barnyard animal.

Some people can plainly SEE that no popular diet makes perfectly logical sense, and is seriously flawed.

Some people notice that human rows of teeth, human fingers, and other examples of the human form’s intelligently complex geometry means there is probably an equally balanced, limited dietary structure to fuel this glorious living machine.

I made the Divinity Diet for those people.