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This is a big page compared to the others. First, I’ll go over some crucial points to understand, regarding why this site doesn’t advocate against other diets. Lastly, there’s a message to the vegans.


Life can be hard.

Collectively, globally, people are not usually “happy.”

If they were, you’d have to say goodbye to entire genres of books, and the economy would inevitably crash, due to lack of emotional shopping and eating habits.

Food is one of the few things that gives this relatively brief physical dream our souls are having called “the human experience” fun, purpose, and reliable entertainment. It grounds people emotionally and culturally into an identity they can rely on and feel safe within, in the face of the fact that they don’t know why they’re alive, where they came from, or what happens after death. Food is a tool people use to give the obvious meaninglessness of reality an enjoyable meaning and context. All the meanings, philosophies, religions, spiritual ideas, etc. are human beings using their minds to give the meaningless of reality meaning, like a paintbrush to a blank canvas, so they can enjoy the fact that they exist yet don’t know why. This giving-meaning-to-meaninglessness ability is a natural, automatic, beautifully miraculous thing that goes along with being born.

Food is an important facet of how people approach the magnificent buffet of experiences life is.


People aren’t “perfect,” enjoy being imperfect in their own eyes, and don’t always strive to be better.

People enjoy breaking rules, sometimes moreso than following them. This rule-breaking penchant has to do with the fact that an aspect of what “consciousness” is, is freedom made manifest. Consciousness is the ability to choose, and when the human soul sees artificial restrictions on its freewill, unless that consciousness fully understands and agrees with why that artificial boundary has been created, it interprets that as a restriction on who and what they are, and will happily rebel if they don’t mind the consequences, as a testimony and honoring of the divine creator they are.


Humans see themselves as better than animals in some respects, but also no better than animals in others. Humans see themselves as a type of animal, but also not an animal, and see themselves as above the animal kingdom as a whole.

The “we’re no better than animals” sentiment applies to food.

Food doesn’t have to be pristine or “clean.” It can be fried with some of the feathers still on it, baked with some of the scales still on it, grilled with pieces of ash and char all over it, roasted with blood still oozing out, and there are millions of people that would happily “tear that up.”

Animals is a term that applies to a spectrum of organisms, from ants to elephants, and scientifically, humans are animals. Colloquially, humans are not. Humans are similar to other apes, and are scientifically a type of ape, but in comparison to the others, we aren’t as hairy, our ears aren’t usually as big in ratio to our face, and have many other obvious differences—like the fact we don’t have hands for feet.

Because we have these conflicting definitions for what we are in relation to nature, as a collective, the cultures of Earth have chosen an “anything goes” approach with regard to food; eating anything that tastes good to that group, and establishing eating habits that signify a historic, tribal continuity, which again, harkens back to the giving meaning thing mentioned before. But most importantly, when you see yourself as an animal, almost anything goes behavior-wise, and you can just as easily invent a justification, either using religion or “just because I can”—the behavior doesn’t have to be based in empathy or logic. In modern times, a lot of our primal viciousness isn’t as common as it was before electricity, but some values and behaviors take a while to change, based on collective opinion.

And with all that said, this is the main reason I don’t advocate for veganism,

and why it won’t pick-up in popularity for a while:

Humans don’t value human life.

Really, humans don’t value “life” itself, and is one of the reasons religions tell you living on Earth doesn’t matter as much as living in the afterlife, but that’s another topic.

To think the majority of people—people that don’t care about the majority of people—are going to care about non-talking creatures that walk on four-legs is non sequitur.

If people will happily shoot-up schools, gather around and elect public officials they know flew on the lolita express, happily rape women by rendering them unconscious with a pill, if there are people that still believe in Nazism—advocates of ethnic cleansing and physiognomy-based genocide, people that will blow themselves up over 72 virgins, people that will kill their life partner over an affair, people that will beat someone to a pulp and even kill them based on their sexual orientation, people that will literally beat their child for being gay, excommunicate family members for being in a relationship with the “wrong” ethnicity, LOVE wearing animals, LOVE eating animals, and literally hunt for “sport,” it is C-O-M-P-L-E-T-E-L-Y - A-B-S-U-R-D to think this kind of world will care about the wellbeing of pigs, fish, cows, and other barnyard animals they’ll never even meet. Animals being slaughtered might as well be happening on Jupiter, as far as the average person’s empathy for them is concerned. Hell, the animals might as well be people! Even then, people probably wouldn’t care unless they looked like the people being slaughtered, as shown how when cartoonists got killed in France, people all over social media put French flags over their profile pic, posted well-wishing words, sent donations, and there was all sorts of public dialogue and media attention by people who looked like the cartoonists and by those that looked different, but when Boko Haram massacres hundreds if not thousands of people around the same time—also in the name of Islam—there was almost no news coverage of it at all, let alone a facebook filter. (I didn’t want to directly bring race into it, but that’s obviously a major factor, too.)

So, the whole “holier than thou approach” is just a waste of time, as is the call for empathy towards animals, because humans see themselves as animals, and will happily kill, cage, and even rape each other. Just because you can’t see it in front of your face doesn’t mean it isn’t happening all over the world. Even priests—the highest Earthly gatekeepers of certain religions—are notorious for molesting children, and most people aren’t priests. I know some people don’t want me “going there” but we’re talking about reality here, not delusional fantasy world.

People see death as a natural part of life, which it is, and see aspects of nature devouring itself. From this global observation, people think expressing themselves in that fashion is also natural. It’s that simple.

This is all demonstrably true. Nothing stated here is based on wishful thinking, and is only based on physical evidence, provided by the world where we exist. And this is why I want to drive home the removal of guilt and condemnation in eating other diets.

Promote your passions, offer new information, share new ideas and perspectives,

but the whole “let’s force others to change their minds” is just another needless

creation of conflict and melodrama nobody needs in their life.

And a message to the vegans:

People around the world won’t change their diets until they see as much pleasure in changing it as they do continuing it. That will probably come from revelations as to how the Divinity Diet approach can extend your lifespan when depathed and detoxed, make you look attractive, and allow for all sorts of “supernatural abilities,” such as being able to perceive the spirits of the deceased when depathed and detoxed—you have to remove the pathogens and toxins preventing the brain from performing on a high level concerning it’s sensing capacity.

The fact of the matter is that people aren’t going to change their diets for you, just how you won’t change your diet for them. Eating animals is just an extreme version of eating plants—plants have intelligence, and none of those plants wanted to be killed. Just because a plant, (such as a tree) can’t walk or talk, doesn’t mean it’s not a living being capable of enjoying its existence. Only through the Divinity Diet will you not be killing an innocent lifeform, so let’s drop the high horse act. Just as you see a potato as an inferior being here for you to consume, meat-eaters think that same way about pigs, cows, chickens, fish, etc. Just how you don’t value a potato’s life, “Whada’ya mean? Yeah it’s alive, but the stupid thing can’t even talk” is how meat-eaters see animals—“they’re just stupid living beings that can’t even talk.

Regarding veganism getting more popular, people need their own self-benefiting reasons they can clearly see for themselves. For some, it would take a close friend or family member’s health transformation. For others, it might be the revelation that factory farming is destroying the environment, at the point where the environment is so damaged the majority of people can’t deny it, and thus want to do something about it. (That dooms-day thing has a very low probability of occurring, however, for various reasons I won’t dive into now; although, we’re clearly headed down that self-destructive path.)

Vegans, you already know you are doing the right thing, and heading humanity on the right track, so that doesn’t need belaboring here. Humans are catarrhines, not bears—vegans are the catarrhines that know this and enjoy respecting that fact through diet. If meat and dairy were so nutritious, hospitals would be filled to the brim with vegans, not meat-eaters, and that’s obviously not the case.

If you’re a proud vegan, and you’re doing your thing, thank you for doing what you’re doing. You are single-handedly helping to the make the world a better place. (For those that don’t know, factory farming is extremely polluting, and a giant producer of greenhouse emissions.)


So to summarize this page: Humans are happily in “animal mode,” don’t want to think much, and also don’t have to. It’s our right to be who we want to be, and face those positive and negative consequences.

As a sentient being of empathy and logic,

you can’t make someone eat what you want them to eat,

just how you wouldn’t want someone else making you eat how they eat.

Happy Non-judgmental Eating!