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The mind has yet to be fully expounded in mainstream science (I use the term mainstream because I know of some scientists that have unique views on what the mind is), and this factor is one of the main reasons for human culture as we know it on Earth today.

The reason why religious, spiritual, and anti-religious ideologies exist is because humanity doesn’t know what or who it is. Namely, it doesn’t know how its brain and mind works. After the physical body dies, it still exists—it decays and turns into soil. The mind also still exists. It returns to the dimension of existence it went to basically everyday—the dimension science and religion conveniently ignore and have little specific information on—the dimension of dreams. Science has yet to plumb the depths of what dreams and imagination are, and in its wake, as pop culture would have it, the human soul and mind are reduced to seemingly being the effect of brain operations, or poetic, metaphysical magic.

The physical evidence of the disembodied mind phenomenon is technologically induced out-of-body experiences, wherein this mental-light substance somewhat disjoins from the body. This is a repeatable circumstance that can allow one to perceive physically dead people. It’s similar to lucid dreaming and altered states, wherein people claim to perceive entities—if you’ve never consciously had the experience, it will seem as though such a phenomenon isn’t possible and doesn’t exist, even though it does.

Without diving too deeply on the subject—because it is another branch of the natural sciences that has yet to be fully described (I’m getting there through consciousness mechanics!), the mind has a substance, and this substance is a type of light-material. This substance is so “thin” and physically intangible, most modern devices for detecting EMFs cannot detect it well, if at all. Let’s call this substance “HDEMF”—higher dimensional electromagnetic energy. It’s the light of another dimension you perceive when you envision and dream, of which is always with you, and is the animating principle of all living things.

HDEMF is why raw foods are healthier than cooked foods. The human body is designed to consume regular matter and energy, as well as HDEMF. The body runs on physical chemicals, but without those chemicals acting as a conduit for HDEMF, it is at a gigantic loss, and this loss is so great, you are removed from the capacity to even tell the difference—for the vast majority, your brain will lose its ability to easily perceive HDEMF. When you deviate that far from nature, you’ll rapidly lose the faculties nature has gifted you. This losing-your-faculties process is commonly called “aging”—which is the result of a bunch of other factors not directly about food. The losses from never eating raw isn’t just aging, there are various physical, observable differences between eating living foods for an extended time versus eating dead foods. This is a topic addressed more fully in a book and other media.

There are tons of differences between eating living and dead foods, and the core logic to bring to bear is that something that has the capacity to grow, transform, create offspring and die, is not physically the same as its dead counterpart. It’s not just the phytochemicals. Eating a meal of raw plants isn’t the same as eating a meal of cooked plants and never will be. Living plants =/= dead plants, just as living people =/= dead bodies.

Your body uses food—living or dead—to extend its life: Your body uses the plant’s body to sustain itself, and your mind uses your body, which uses the plant’s body and mind to sustain itself. To be more colloquial: Your body and the plant’s body become one temporarily, and in that event you are physically changed for the better (nutrition). Your mind and the plant’s mind become one temporarily, and you are mentally-emotionally changed for the better.

The act of eating is the act of becoming one with something temporarily. This is why it is best to become one with the rawest, most beautiful, most nutritious living foods possible. That naturally high wavelength plant becomes a bodily building block for your own unique expression of that high wavelength, poetically speaking. This is why living foods are such a crucial factor in the divinity diet.