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The Divinity Diet is a tool for balancing your physical systems through food. Whenever you are diseased or feel out of balance, the Divinity Diet correctly applied can serve as a great tool for rebalancing.

That’s it.

This is not a tool to bludgeon the uninterested into being interested, and this is not here to start a food cult to battle other food cults. Also, nothing here is demanding you or anyone else to pay attention to any of this information at all. The only purpose of this diet is to humbly serve those who are interested.

This has to be said first and foremost, because the diet is extreme when compared to other popular ones. Granted, it’s not actually “extreme” at all—it’s literally the easiest, most natural diet possible. When you throw the notion of spirituality in the mix (mind/mentality is “spirit”) you’re practically begging for controversy, debate, and us-versus-them sentiment, especially with a modicum of popularity.

This is not a fad. Fad diets are created based off of imaginary preferences, regardless of physical logic. (“Hey guys, scientists say only drinking raw goat’s milk after 6 pm can increase your health and boost your immune system—let’s start the 6PMGM diet!”)

Unlike all other diets, the Divinity Diet is based on the physical, mental, and spiritual processes of the human experience. The ideas presented all stem from simple, obvious logic. For example, the fact that the human hands and fingers are for picking, pulling, and grabbing, which just so happens to be perfect for gathering fruit offered from plants. This is an observable fact no one needs a special degree to comprehend, and is just one of many, many, many observable truths human beings have managed to ignore at its own peril—manifesting all sorts of exotic diseases and illnesses because we refuse to acknowledge what are bodies are and how they work. The reality is that it doesn’t matter what humans want: You can want to breathe smoke, but human physiology dictates that high amounts of smoke in your lungs will make you cough and choke, and act as a carcinogen.

Now is the time to acknowledge exactly what we are, based on physical observation and our God-given intuitive senses, regardless of what advertisements, corporations, governments, and the corrupt medical establishment would have you believe is true.

The Divinity Diet is here to raise the human body, mind, and spirit to the level of divinity that is its natural birthright, using the perfect tools of nature. Just as air, sunlight, and water are fundaments of human life, so, too, are the things that grow—the vast spectrum of life expression, flourishing together on Earth. The Divinity Diet reunites humankind with our natural ability to flourish.

As we consume vibrant, living expressions of divinity,

we in turn become vibrant, living expressions of divinity.

Eat life to be life.