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Ideal is exactly the same as the original, only with a few more rules. The rules are reflective of a consciously multidimensional human.

Plants are alive and self-aware. They have mentality, emotion, and can physically see—yes SEE. They don’t need eyeballs. They are biological antennae for all sort of information that they use for survival. It’s not an accident that plants often perfectly sprout in inconspicuous places, such as a crack in cement or a hole through a fence, wherein only a seeing entity could sprout from so perfectly executed. They can also literally reach out and grab nearby objects.

In the ideal version of the Divinity Diet, the human would wait until the plant has reached maturity, and then communicate with the plant with empathy and appreciation for its beauty and service, to let it know his or her intentions, and respectfully engage in the plucking of whatever the plant produced.

The plant would be grown organically, in rich soil and clean air, with vibrant sunlight. This would allow it to produce certain types of bacteria on the surface of the plant, that allow the human body to produce its own B12 supply. The food would be eaten clean, yet unwashed. This ties in with the plant being fully mature, because when fully grown out the soil it probably won’t be dirty, thanks to rain.

You would eat based upon what needs repair in your body, or what needs enhancing, or what you feel to tactilely accentuate in any given moment. Foods do specific things to your body uniquely, and when you thoroughly detox-depath your brain and body, you’ll find that you can literally FEEL the difference between eating a pineapple and eating a strawberry. Food would be for altering your state of being in specific ways, and not just for relieving hunger and simple entertainment. Food would consciously perform more services for the body than what food is commonly used for right now (October 2019).

There are other reasons for the Ideal DD rules, explained in the book.


TDD Ideal Rules:

Plant must be mature.

Must communicate with the plant during harvest. (The harvester specifically.)

Eaten unwashed, yet clean, to save the natural probiotics on the plant’s surface.

Fruit must be properly ripened. Example: It depends on the fruit, but in general, you can’t get properly ripened pineapple in the US. Properly ripened pineapple is golden orange from top to bottom (sans top leaves) without looking decayed in any way, shape, or form.

Ideally, instead of getting food from a grocery store, you would get it from a farm-like store that grows all the produce organically, wherein you can pluck and pick what you want right then and there, either yourself or by a handler. Or you could grow your own food, which would be really next-level, because the mind of the plant would be tuned to your mind, as you take care of the plant and the plant takes care of you. There are benefits—for both you and the plant—to communing with your plants as it grows.

Ideally, there would be a natural, multidimensional relationship between the human and plant, revealing the true Divinity of Diet.